Sponsor Opportunity

We’re looking for garden sponsors!

The Box Elder Community Garden is being established to provide a place for people to have their own raised garden plot for growing food. Through the common love of gardening, our hope is to unite people through social, physical, and nutritional health opportunities while also promoting charitable giving by providing the excess bounty to the local food pantry and/or others in need. Over 3,600 pounds of fresh vegetables were donated to the Box Elder Community Pantry in 2018.

We have been given nearly two acres on which to establish the community garden at 750 East 100 South, the site of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Brigham City. The garden is registered with the state of Utah as a non-profit organization. We have applied for and received grants and donations of goods and services from several community businesses and some national organizations. Gardeners signed up for all the beds we constructed this year, we need support in being able to construct additional beds to serve those on a waiting list.

We depend on donations and the work of volunteers to establish this green space in Brigham City.

Here are ways you could support and/or partner with us!

Personal donations in any amount are welcome and appreciated, as are donations of designated items.

If you are a business, corporation, or individual, you could sponsor a garden plot, based on linear feet, and have first use of the space for you or your employees for a season. In return, the Box Elder Community Garden places a plaque on the garden plot acknowledging you or your company as the sponsor of the garden bed for a period of at least 5 years or longer, depending on the longevity of the bed. The garden would also provide an advertisement for your company on our website, Facebook page, and local newspaper. Your donation could be utilized for tax savings since we are a registered non-profit organization.

The money you donate pays for costs of building the planting beds, water, electricity, and maintenance. Bed construction is of treated fir and steel brackets, filled with a topsoil/compost mix and watered utilizing an automatic timed drip system.

Sponsorship Level One Time Cost Size of Planting Bed
Full $700 80 feet by 4 feet
Half + $550 60 feet by 4 feet
Half $400 40 feet by 4 feet
Quarter $250 20 feet by 4 feet

If you are interested, please contact us:

  • Jenny Hill, Administrator 730-1773
  • Or use the contact form link above

Thank You

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the development of Box Elder Community Garden:

Local Supporters:

  • Brigham City Fine Arts Center: Collaboration and support with Chalk Toss Fundraiser/5K Run
  • Robert & Suzie Radtke of Uintah Alpacas: Compost donation
  • Alpine Gardens: Collaboration and co-sponsoring Play Unplugged Gardener Badge and donations and participation in the Chalk Toss Fundraiser/5K Run
  • Niagara Water: Water donations
  • Admiral Beverage: Soda pop donations
  • Jim Keller with Kelcon Construction: Digging post holes for our fence and digging trench for electrical utilities
  • 4-H for Children: Donation of super-high planting beds
  • Brigham City Rotary Club: Sponsorship of planting beds, collaboration and support with Chalk Toss Fundraiser/5K Run
  • Families who sponsored Memorial Planting Beds
  • Mountain West Construction Group: Cement barriers for weed bays
  • Mountain States Steel Erectors and Vickie Pine: Plaques for the planting beds with sponsor logos
  • Orbital ATK: LTool Shed
  • USU Extension: Grant for materials for picnic tables
  • Willard Bay Gardens: Plant Donations
  • Crossroads Christian Fellowship: Funding
  • Tarter Gate: Gates
  • Staker Parson Companies: Concrete
  • Steel Concepts: Pavillion
  • Brigham/Tremonton Board of Realtors: Placemaking Micro-Grant
  • Kiwanis Club of Brigham City: Grant, and continued financial support
  • Brigham City Corporation: Coordinated Community Initiative Grant, multiple years
  • Box Elder Credit Union: Community Giver Award
  • Whitaker Construction: Irrigation system, time, materials, equipment for main lines, and donation of large pipe for super high planting beds
  • Vulcraft: Entrance sign including design, engineering, and manufacturing
  • Mountain View Engineering: Engineering of footings and foundation
  • Hadley Electric: Electrical connections
  • Gillies Funeral Chapel: Pump
  • Sharp Powder Coating: Discount toward painting of entrance sign
  • Kosbab Show Lambs: Equipment to move soil and set the entrance sign
  • Checkett’s Landscaping: Equipment to move soil
  • Kents Grocery Store, Smiths Grocery Store, Pizza Plus: Food for fundraisers
  • Ace Hardware and Southfork Hardware: Items for fundraiser
  • Holy Cross Lutheran Church (garden owner): Land, water, and funding for the garden

Participants in Work Day:

  • Via De Cristo: Help with garden maintenance and harvest
  • BC 1st Ward: Continued support building new planting beds and beautification projects
  • BC 13th Ward: Help with harvest and clean-up
  • BC Kotter Canyon Ward: Laying sod along front garden strip & harvest, help with garden clean-up and harvest
  • Willard 1st Ward Relief Society: Help with painting picnic tables
  • Friends, Family, & Gardeners who helped build fence, paint picnic tables and dig water lines for new planting beds.
  • LDS Missionaries who helped fill new planting beds with soil and dig water lines
  • Webelos Scout Troop 101
  • 4-H for Children
  • APEX Youth Services
  • Catalyst Residential Treatment Center
  • Crossroads Christian Fellowship
  • Mantua Scout Troop 171
  • Kiwanis Club of Brigham City
  • Brigham/Tremonton Board of Realtors

Many individuals with personal financial donations, labor, and other support

National Support

  • Seed Money Grant
  • Thrivent Financial: start-up funding
  • Scott’s Miracle Gro: Grassroots Grant
  • Fiskars: Project Orange Thumb Grant
  • WalMart Foundation: Community Grant
  • USDA/NRCS: Grant for a high tunnel (USDA’s Know Your Farmer/Know Your Food Initiative)
  • Slow Food Utah: Grant to add super high planting beds


Welcome to Box Elder Community Garden. We provided garden plots to residents of Brigham City and surrounding areas, along with a place to share garden knowledge, learn about organic gardening, and support service opportunities.

Box Elder Community Garden is a program providing residents from Brigham City and surrounding areas with their own raised-bed garden plot. This is a friendly environment where you can experience community, make friends, grow organic produce, and share your garden knowledge with others. Our hope is to unite our community through a love of gardening, support the local food pantry, and offer social, physical, and nutritional health to all involved!

Garden Organizers
Jenny Hill–Administrator
Contact Us
Phone: Jenny @ 730-1773
Click the contact link above

Information, Policies and Rules

Welcome to the 2019 gardening season! Box Elder Community Gardens is a local non-profit organization. We cultivate individual growth and neighborhood unity through community gardening and gardening education. Our community gardening policies and procedures are important for all community gardeners to understand. If you have any questions about this information, please contact the garden.

Garden Expectations:

As you consider participating in the community garden, please keep in mind these expectations.

    • Preparing Plot: Garden plots will be prepared by each gardener at the beginning of the season no later than May 1st. This can include removing weeds and other debris and adding compost.
    • Planting Plot: Plots need to be planted no later than May 15th, at proper spacing.
    • Maintenance of Plot: Weeds in plots need to be kept down to a minimal level. Plants need to be regularly checked and harvested.
    • Winter Preparation: All plants, trellising, and other material must be removed by the end of the season, no later than October 31st. Soil preparation at this time including loosening the soil and adding compost is also recommended.
    • Participation in additional work at the garden: In addition to caring for your plot, it is expected that you help with the gardens in one of five groups: Garden Maintenance, Community Harvest, Construction, Fundraising, and Education.
    • We encourage all gardeners to sow an extra row in their garden plot for donation. Donation bins will be available throughout the season.

Expect to work a minimum of 2-5 hours each week at the gardens to maintain your garden beds and help in the garden.

Reserving Your Plot

Each gardener is entitled to one plot (approximately 4 by 20 feet) if space is available. If there is space remaining by April 15th gardeners will have the opportunity to rent additional plots for the remainder of the season. A minimum $15 garden donation per plot is required of all gardeners. Garden plots must be cleared of weeds by May 1st. If a gardener has not used his/her plot by May 15th the plot will be given to another gardener or to the Box Elder Community Garden. The $15 fee will not be returned after May 1st.


We do not own the land used for gardens. We have lease agreements with the owners but there is always a possibility that we will lose the use of the land. For this reason, there are some planting restrictions including trees and some perennials. If you desire to plant a perennials plant, please get approval from the garden managers first.

Organic Gardening Practices

No herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers allowed. Our goal is to create and nurture healthy soil and a healthy plant environment in the garden. We believe that one of the best ways to grow healthy soil is through the use of organic gardening. Gardeners using chemical weed killers, fertilizers and/or pesticides can lose their gardening privileges!

If any pest or other problems are noticed gardening are encouraged to contact the garden consultant Liz Braithwaite at gardenwithliz(at)gmail.com.

Plot Maintenance

We require all weeds be kept below six inches in height. It is the gardener’s’ responsibility to control the weeds and trash in their own plots and adjacent pathways and to clear their plot of trellis materials and debris at the end of the season. Tools, plants and other materials will not be provided by BECG and are the responsibility of each gardener. If a gardener fails to keep their plot and adjacent pathways maintained, a notice will be given to clean-up the plot. If the problem continues after a grace period of two weeks, BECG maintains the right to assign the plot to another gardener.


Irrigation will operate on the site. BECG will maintain this system. Please do not alter the system in any way. Please report any problems or leaks to BECG. Each gardener will learn how the irrigation system works at the gardener orientation meetings. 

Limitations of Plot

For safety reasons, heavy material like rebar is not allowed for staking or trellising without approval.  Garden decor must be within reason and tasteful. All material must be non-permanent and larger structures must be approved by garden staff. Any mulch used must be removed at the end of the season unless approved: organic mulch is preferred over plastic and rock mulches. Please do not bring pets to the garden, service animals are allowed.

Cooperation and Community

This project will be more successful if all of our gardeners work together. We ask that in addition to your $15 annual minimum donation, you also make a contribution of your time by participating in a garden committee and growing an extra row within your plot for donation. We require a willingness and ability to promote garden mission by following established policies and rules, support publicity measures, and responding to email and other communications, as appropriate. If more than two warnings are given regarding any garden policy or rule, the gardener need not apply again. Garden correspondence will be done via e-mail.  If gardener does not have email, communication will be done by phone.

Photo Permission

From time to time, gardeners, garden leaders, and the media will take photos of the garden.  If you do not want your photo taken, let photographers know when you encounter them at the garden.

Please Remember

Box Elder Community Garden is a small non-profit organization supported by donated funds that must be raised annually. The purpose of our community gardening program is to provide access to land, water and general garden administration. The care and maintenance of the garden is the collective responsibility of the community gardeners.

Garden Address

750 E 100 S
Brigham City, UT 84302
Mailing Address:
Box Elder Community Garden
P.O. Box 732
Brigham City UT 84302

Community Garden Rules and Gardener’s Responsibilities

Each gardener must understand and agree to the following rules and responsibilities before gardening with Box Elder Community Gardens:

  • Chemical weed killers, fertilizers, and pesticides are not allowed in any garden.
  • Garden donations are a minimum $15.00 per plot, payable when gardener registers for a plot.
  • Plots are available on a first come, first-served basis. Gardeners are limited to one plot (approximately 4′ x 20’). Gardeners may have more plots and may be put on a waiting list for extra plots, if extra plots are available after April 30th of the gardening season.
  • Disrespectful or abusive language or destructive behavior can result in the immediate loss of all gardening privileges, and forfeiture of any crops remaining in the garden. Smoking needs to be done off site.
  • Gardeners are expected to attend Garden Orientation in the Spring.
  • Gardeners are responsible for weeding their plots by May 1st and clearing their plots at the end of each growing season (no later than Oct 31st).
  • Gardeners are responsible for planting, cultivating and maintaining their own garden plots.
  • Gardeners are responsible for assisting with a garden group each year.
  • Gardeners are responsible for keeping the weeds in their gardens and adjoining pathways to a minimum, at least no longer than six inches.
  • Gardeners are responsible for clearing all plant and trellis materials out of their own garden by the end of each gardening season. Dead material should be placed in compost piles.

Box Elder Community Gardens’ Responsibilities

  • Box Elder Community Garden is responsible for administering the Community Gardening Program.
  • Box Elder Community Garden is responsible for registering gardeners and assigning available plots to each gardener.
  • Box Elder Community Garden will provide technical assistance and skills training when possible.
  • Box Elder Community Garden is responsible for maintenance of water and irrigation systems and overall administration of each garden site.
  • Box Elder Community Garden reserves the right to make changes or exceptions to policies where and when appropriate.

Release of Liability & Acknowledgement of No Sale

  • I understand that neither the garden group nor owners of the land are responsible for my actions. I, therefore, agree to hold harmless the garden group of owners of the land for any liability, damage, loss, or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the garden by me or any of my guests.
  • I further understand that crops I grow at the garden are for personal consumption or donation to others in need.  The sale of crops grown at the garden is prohibited unless in conjunction with a garden sponsored fundraising activity.